Jess is currently working on several projects including her first shot at devising a novel and a more personal take on the Book of Ruth. She is a fan of strong female protagonists, humor and poetry.

4142775079006326213Jess is best known for her play: Jason & (Medea) which has been produced in Chicago with (re)discover theatre, in Indianapolis with Wisdom Tooth Theatre Projectand in Los Angeles with the Los Angeles New Court Theatre. The play did very well at the Los Angeles Fringe Festival: where Jessica Pohly won the Spirit of the Fringe award for best female performance. The play was also nominated for an encore performance and award for strongest ensemble.

“Jason and (Medea) is crafted with care and detail as it incorporates not only a mix of contemporary dialogue, heightened stage movement, and a poetic flair, but also gives audiences a fresh approach to this oft-told tale.” – Chicago Theatre Beat.

“Shakes off the dust of centuries to arrive at something freshly inspired and immediate… compelling” – Chicago Critic.

“… sparkling dialogue, cheeky mythological allusions, and surreal references to physical law…. Shoemaker wisely tempered the story with some truly rip-snorting levity, right down to the very last line of the play.” – Nuvo

“… The witty mix of old English with a slew of expletives provided a pleasant juxtaposition and encompassed precisely what a modern play can be.” – TrndyIndy



Jess is also responsible for 50 Shades of Shakespeare a raucous evening of sex, love and really good Shakespeare. A huge hit at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, the play is being performed around the country this year, with productions scheduled in Chicago, Indiana and Houston. For information about producing 50 Shades of Shakespeare, contact Jess

“… an hour with these four and their barmy fivesome with the Bard might just get you in the mood to—how to say this delicately— put some wood in the O.” – Chicago Theater Beat

“one of the funniest and strangely erotic sex scenes I have ever seen on a Chicago stage… If you are looking for an hour of goofy fun with both a classical unpinning and a happy ending, this show is for you” – Chicago Stage Standard


Playwriting Workshop for Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project


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