Eight Reasons I Cried While Watching the Bad Blood Music Video

Now, I realize that I am late to this party* but now that I am here – can I just say:

Yes! And…

Guys. I really did cry.

  1. The emotion and power of friendship was treated as the legitimate core of the narrative. My relationships with women are the emotional centerpieces of my heart. These friendships represent three decades worth of heartbreak, joy, connection and the deep flowering of love I have yet to experience in a sexual relationship. I have loved, do love and will always love my ladies.**
  2. The video reminded me of my own friend breakups. I’ve read the criticism. I know why she wrote the song. But why a woman isn’t allowed to sing about conflict with another woman without it being called a catfight or a feud is beyond me. I’ve experienced friend breakups. They suuuuck.
  3. Everyone was fully dressed (basically.) Music videos often leave me thinking, “My ass/stomach/boobs/face will never look like that. Ugh. More cookies please.” I love me some Amy Schumer but even the show-stopping opening of the Amy Schumer Show this season just clarified why dating/love/sex/attraction feels like some kind of insurmountable mountain/landmine combo. Bad Blood made me feel powerful. And sexy for being powerful.
  4. Mariska Hargitay and Lena Dunham made appearances! Anyone who has engaged me in conversation more than… three times, let’s say…. has heard me talk preach about the appalling (seriously – appalling) state of gender parity in the entertainment industry. What a joyful way to pay homage to the women who have been recognizable figures in that struggle.
  5. On a related note: some lesser-known ladies made BANK on this video. I cannot remember ever seeing this many women, in one shot.
  6. I get to admit that my baby girl cousins were smarter than me. None of them are babies anymore but all those little girls who loved Taylor Swift before it was cool were wise-ass future ladies! They were correct and now everyone from smug hipster dudes to snobby feminist ladies (like myself) owe an apology to the babes in my family.
  7. It reminded me of watching Taylor Swift become a feminist from a distance – a memory that embarrasses me. I rolled my eyes so hard when Taylor Swift discovered feminism (even though my own mentors initiated me with enthusiasm and warmth.) I didn’t have the grace to acknowledge the necessity of growth. Super glad Taylor Swift is letting the haters hate and continuing to be a lady boss.
  8. All my ladies are living very far away from me and I’m getting my period. True AND thank you to Taylor for making a period joke in her very public music video. Periods happen. Monthly.

*Shout out to Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman for inviting me to the party via their excellent podcast, Call Your Girlfriend. And to Lauren Smith for inviting me to their podcast party in the first place

**Also a huge supporter of the bromance. Love a good bromance.