2014: A Manifesto

A badass motherf*cker holds the reigns.

She knows exactly what she wants and does not settle for a quarter, a half, maybe or perhaps. She follows through, she will be seen. She demands challenge, expects respect and deserves support.

A badass motherf*cker gets dressed. She sits up straight, asks questions, keeps some secrets and laughs loudly when things are funny. She doesn’t give two shits what you think but she cares deeply how you feel. She gives back.

A badass motherf*cker makes decisions based on her own wants and needs, which may include you, but will not revolve around you or change based on you. She will smile when she feels like it and plans to feel like it mostly.

A badass motherf*cker doesn’t numb, ignore or deny: she understands the constructed world in which we live and isn’t falling for the bullshit. She’s done underestimating her value or potential. She has an elevator speech and a low home-tone. She would almost always rather walk there.

A badass motherf*cker can make her own martini but she’ll gladly, graciously, gratefully accept one from you. She stopped using the word ‘sorry’ at 25 but fixes what she breaks. She is moving forward and will be delighted when you catch up. She will make it, even if she falls behind. She has always been skeptical about the phrase “fake it till you make it.”

A badass motherf*cker makes her own adventures. She hugs with her whole body and marches toward some road less traveled. She isn’t fussy and has no fear of mess. She is tender, but decisive, exponentially more afraid of subpar effort than subpar outcomes. She works and loves in equal measure.

A badass motherf*cker is always grateful, never satisfied. She says the hard thing, does the difficult thing and meets challenges like they’re motherf*cking friends.