Is anyone else deeply concerned that their work doesn’t look like the play they saw at Steppenwolf last week?

I’m super-not supposed to admit this, but the thought of inviting you to see the first play I’ve ever written, like ever-ever, has been making me uncomfortable. For those fearless few of you: the way that discomfort manifests is that you’re pretty sure your work is good but the closer you get to opening, the more often you literally curl into a fetal ball and make nonsense noise whenever people mention it. As you start thinking about what everyone else is going to think

it dawns on you that inviting your chiropractor to check out your art is tantamount to inviting Ryan Gosling and Hilary Clinton to watch you leap off the Sears Tower and fly.

This city is bursting at the seams with artists of all skill and experience levels. And our resources aren’t just short in terms of being able to finance our dreams, many of us are also poor on the experience front. And that’s why we’re here, we’re here to play. And while we can sometimes turn a piece of fabric into a river so beautiful you want to cry, sometimes it just feels like we’re rehearsing outside because it’s free. And that reality takes the resilience and enthusiasm of a damn bouncy-ball (stay with me!) We’re gonna get smacked by the pavement at some points but I really do believe if you stick around for those few seconds, you’ll watch us go leaping back up into the stratosphere, higher than we really thought we could go.If our talk-back on Sunday is any indication, you’re going to really like this play. Critics think the play falls a little short but is also ambitious and bold and very successful at points throughout. Ryan Gosling and Hilary Clinton have not responded to my e-mails.

So I have pulled myself out of that fetal ball and I’m ready to talk about risk and play and failure. There are going to be human being onstage need, wanting and striving. The set, the costumes, the lights are gorgeous. The sound is sexy and the actors are fearless. And that is so worth two hours and whatever beer money you’d like to donate. We have a mostly great play to share with you and I think it’s absolutely worth your time to come out before July 7th at 8:00pm Thursday-Sunday at 3408 N Sheffield, and check out this play!