A few quick words.

I first want to apologize for being slow in the update area: I’ve been in seven states, four airports, and blasted my way through 37 episodes of This American Life, The Moth, and Radiolab this week. Luckily for you, I’m on perpetual vacation (unemployed) now and hopping right back on this train!

I’ve been writing for about a month and, unless my parents have somehow acquired an absurd number of computers without telling me, people are actually reading! Which is thrilling to me in the most geekily touching way. And I won’t let you down! I’ve noticed that readership noticeably spikes when I am awkward with men so I’ve taken to hanging around boy scout meetings and slow elevators to appease my fervent fans.

I know what you’re wondering: “What a dedicated individual. What can I give back?” A few times a week, someone will send me a message about what I’m writing and they all start with “I didn’t want to comment, because that would be… ” weird, rude, vicious, awful persnickety. But I totally disagree and I love when you disagree too! I’m making this up as I go. It’s the new scientology and I want to invite you in at the grass-root level. Post in the comment section! Let’s start a discussion! An argument! A revolution!

Actually, I’m not ready for the revolution. I’ll need to pack some snacks first.


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