Beautiful Smears of Ketchup

I was sent this picture a few days ago.

What I love about this picture is that it doesn’t simply perform a task. It says, “you are worth the extra effort” it says to me “anything worth doing, should be done with beauty.

Beautiful smears of Ketchup.

I was with a group of friends at the time and we immediately sprang into action gathering utensils, lemons, stir sticks, sugar packets: anything we could use to craft an equal and opposite response. There were several versions of the exclamation point and a heated debate about the color of the table. Not a single person thought to suggest that I respond in a more traditional fashion.

I love my friends, who take their jokes seriously. I love my job where play is treated with as much respect as work.

I love that Josey will literally walk out of a restaurant, and halfway accross the parking lot because someone made an offhand joke that the bathroom was “outside, just past the second lamp-post. If he treats an offhand comment with that kind of respect, imagine his response to an earnest, well-thought-out plan. Or a friend in need.

I love that the staff has an entire wall of studly-pensive-headshots, and that the executive director went to a professional photographer to have his own extremely quality, studly- pensive-headshot taken. Open-shirt and all. Imagine the effort he will expend on making a full length production the most quality piece of work it can be.

I love being with those who let themselves experience enthusiasm. The ones who get so excited about games that they actively  search for opportunities to play. Don’t get me wrong, all play and no work is a terrible idea. But all play AND all work… Imagine how joyFUL and important your life’s work becomes! Because if you give play a level of  respect and you find the play in all you do, then your life’s work becomes seriously enjoyable. Pun intended.


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