#11 in my “Awkward with Men” series

Setting: Junior Prom. The Convention Center. The very beginning of Stairway to Heaven. Slow-dancing.

Cast of Characters:

  • Awkward Jess: Transformed into a polished vision in plum.
  • Prom Date:  A perfectly nice boy that consistently looked like a baby deer in headlights.

 Awkward Jess: So…

 Prom Date: …

 Awkward Jess: … Are you having fun?

 Prom Date: Not really.

Awkward Jess: Oh! Um? I…

  …7 silent, literal minutes later…

 Awkward Jess: Well. Thanks for the dance?

 Prom Date: Yeah.

Dear High School Boys,

I don’t care if an alligator is in the middle of chewing your left leg off! YOUAREHAVINGAFANTASTICTIMESHELOOKSVERYPRETTY.


Awkward Jess


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