Was the Story Worth It?

“Is the story worth it?” my friend Drew used to ask me. This question has stayed with me…

It followed me into an ice cream parlor where I was offered a sample of Bacon ice cream (It was as terrible as I anticipated, but I tell people about it all the time)

It followed me into a life of crime when my best friend from college and I came upon an un-mounted NO PARKING sign. (Thank god I have some contribution to the shoplifting category of childhood stories!)

It followed me down a two-way mountain road in Appalachia, on a tour bus, which had no chance of passing under that 13-foot bridge and was forced to back-up for 2 ½ miles, in a blizzard, until it ended up on train tracks with a train approaching (I am not remotely sorry that happened. Mostly because I lived to tell that story).

It followed me into a whole plethora of awkward situations that were mortifying and painful, until the act of sharing them gave me the power to turn a raw experience into an incredible opportunity for humor.

It follows me into every new state, every encounter with a stranger, into audition rooms, on dates, through friendships, and into every single evening when I lay down and ask myself “Was today a story-worthy day?”


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