#36 in my “Awkward with Men” Series

A conversation I had with a local coffee-shop employee this afternoon…

Coffee-shop Employee: What can I get for you?

Awkward Jess: The darkest roast you have. Black.

Coffee-shop Employee: Ah. A serious coffee drinker.

Awkward Jess: Yup!

Coffee-shop Employee: Are you in our system?

Awkward Jess: Nope!

Coffee-shop Employee: Well I’ll be able to throw you a free cup of coffee if you sign up.

Awkward Jess: Sounds good!

Coffee-shop Employee doing his job: Can I get your phone number?

Awkward Jess, recognizing that the Coffee-shop Employee has obviously fallen, quite quickly, in love with her incredible beauty and love of dark roasted coffee: Oh! Well I’m really only here for three weeks. (Subtext? I’m sorry to have led you on in this way. I hope your broken heart finds its wings again. Dramatic Pause. Somehow.)

Understandably confused Coffee-shop Employee: Well… That’s really the only way to set you up in the system.

Awkward Blushing Jess: What system? Oh! Oooooooooooooooh. Yeah! Of course! That system! I’m not crazy! Area code 712…..

I’m awkward with men. And that’s okay too. 

3 thoughts on “#36 in my “Awkward with Men” Series

  1. shoemakerjess says:

    Yes! I know how to tell stories, but writing them out is so challenging! I feel much less effective in written form.

    Hope you weren’t drinking something carbonated…

  2. Pauline Flannery says:

    Oooooooooh, Jess!!! Is there anything else to say? I love you anyway…Mama Flan


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