Questions vs. Action

My friend Adam pointed out that my thoughts on silence and listening seem incongruous with my thoughts about jumping in. He makes a good argument, but I’m going to stand by both posts. There are, after all, plenty of  contradictions in art (and life). But he has me considering the balance between asking questions and taking action. I’m starting to think that the act of finding that balance is what the art of improv, and the art of living, are all about.

I am a terribly prepared person. I ask plenty of questions, and usually, that serves me well. I also want to live my life; I don’t want to be held back. I have no answers today but I have a few unfinished thoughts on questions:

  1. Maybe being aware of a question is more important than finding the answer.
  2. Often, worthwhile questions don’t have complete answers. Or any answers at all.
  3. I often skip the step of asking, “Can I solve this problem myself?” Doing so would mostly lead me away from questions.
  4. Questions in retrospect…?

In improv class, on that first day, I already knew the rule: Play! And I had everything I needed to do that. Questions would have been superfluous in that moment because at a certain point, you have to admit you can never be prepared enough. I want to be ready but if I wait for every question to be answered, I worry that nothing will ever happen.