Yes. I have been avoiding the & – it overwhelms me.

The & – (vb, n) A person, having acknowledged and affirmed what they’ve been given, actively contributing to what is at hand.

What a woefully inadequate, cold definition.

The & is imagination. It is the solution. It’s invention, building, problem-solving. It is energy, anything above absolute zero, everything that happens after right now. It’s a fresh start, a do-over, a do-again. It is forward momentum. It is ambition, insatiable hunger, dissatisfaction. It can be anything I want. It is pure potential, capable of creation or destruction. It’s a burden. It is the reason I hit the snooze button three times in the morning. It’s an opportunity. It’s what keeps me working until three in the morning. It’s the feeling I get when I run.  It’s an empty chalkboard. The & is everything that is possible.

I believe what we do with our & defines us.

The Yes feels simpler. Affirmation, preferably with an exclamation point but a period will suffice. The Yes can be encompassed by a head nod but the & is followed by an ellipses.

It’s open ended, never-ending. The promise that there is always another story.