# 6 in my “Awkward with Men” series.

Sometimes “Yes! And…” is a truly profound concept involving grand themes like respect for humanity and promotion of life.

Sometimes it’s less impressive. And more entertaining.

I recently made a deal with myself to say Yes! to any proposed activity. When someone makes an offer, I have to say Yes!

I am contractually obligated to myself.

So tonight I said Yes! to karaoke even though it was well past midnight.

I said Yes! when an uncomfortably-cute doctorate student approached me and asked “Is that a martini you’re drinking?”

And finally, when my friend had to request permission to go back into the bar and actually close for me while I stood outside feeling very silly because I am 22 and still don’t have the first idea how to give my number to a stranger, what did I say?

Yes! And… I have a date.